Dr. Gustavo H Day MD

Establishing a trustful companionship in wellness between the patient and physician is of utmost importance at Dr. Gustavo H. Day’s practice and Skyn Lab. Opportunity to build a partnership as such means opportunity to bring oneself to a state of general wellbeing and comfort.

Born in Detroit but raised in Argentina, Dr. Day obtained his Bachelor of Science degree at Colegio Universitario Central, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo in Mendoza, Argentina. Gustavo expanded his education by attending the medical branch of that same university; in December of 1990, he graduated to become a medical doctor in Argentina. Motivated by his father, Dr. Jorge Horacio Day, Gustavo flew to the United States where he completed an internship and residency at St. Barnaba’s Hospital, which was affiliated with New York’s Cornell Medical Center located in The Bronx, New York. In 1996, Dr. Day was accepted into the American Medical Association and became Board Certified. During that same year, he and his wife, Mariana, moved to Dallas, Texas where they started a private practice at Medical City Dallas. Gustavo and Mariana’s generosity, and satisfaction to help the people around them has built the practice’s successful foundation through the past two decades.

Dr. Gustavo H. Day was awarded Chief Section Internal Medicine in 2001 and 2004 at Medical City Dallas, and was voted as a 2010 Most Compassionate Doctor and recently voted as a 2016 Most Compassionate Doctor. Dr. Day has always put his patients at the core of his practice, designing specific wellness plans for them because he understands everybody is unique and has their own life history. This passion and collaboration led to the formation of Skyn Lab. At Skyn Lab, Dr.Day and the educated professionals provide a sense of comfort and level of understanding to help transform the patient’s overall wellbeing and confidence in their own skin.

Outside of his career, Dr. Day and Mariana, have been married since March of 1994. Together they raised 4 sons: Matias, Juan Martin, Julian, and Santiago. Dr. Day is highly enthusiastic and enjoys engaging in physical activities such as soccer, rugby, biking, traveling, and much more. Ultimately, his passion to live a healthy and content lifestyle motivates the people around him to attempt and feel their very best in life no matter what.