All About Laser Hair Removal

May 10, 2022

I’m sure we can all agree by now that shaving can almost feel like a chore, waxing can be painful going every four weeks and trying different creams to remove the unwanted body hair can be risky. We might be thinking what if it irritates my skin or will it even last? Why not stop going through all the headache and try something that is going to be beneficial and long lasting. Let us introduce you to the simple solution, laser hair removal. Let’s talk about all the benefits of this treatment.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

In essence, laser hair removal is a non-invasive treatment that treats unwanted hair. During this procedure light will emit and target the hair follicle to completely destroy it. At Skyn Lab we use the Elysion Diode Laser that provides pain free treatment, with its different wavelengths the Elysion Diode Laser is able to remove even the finest hair. 

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal 


  • Less Painful – Although LHR might sound painful most patients describe it as slightly uncomfortable, depending on how much of a pain tolerance you can take. It almost feels like rubber bands snapping at you, plus the process of LHR is fairly quick so it will be easier to endure.   
  • Cost- Effective – Think of LHR as an investment because it really is, don’t be afraid of the price up front overtime you will save money as opposed to waxing or using any shaving creams because the results are long lasting. And you’ll be able to avoid all those wax appointments.   
  • Prevents Ingrown Hairs – No one likes those pesky and sometimes uncomfortable or painful ingrown hairs, with laser hair removal it prevents them and completely eliminates them.

Just like with waxing, you might need a couple of sessions depending on the size of the area you’re interested in lasering in order to achieve the results you desire, some patients may need touch ups after their sessions, however once your sessions are over, you’ll come to find that with laser hair removal, you’ll get long lasting results. Unlike with shaving, you’re not subjected to an accidental cut or getting burned by the hot wax. 

Whether you’re interested in a small or large area, stop by Skyn Lab for a complimentary consultation and talk to one of our providers today to discuss your laser hair removal options. Stop suffering with the old school method of shaving or waxing and look into something long-term that will be beneficial to you.