How To: Have Healthy Skyn Without Products

November 10, 2022

As much as we know that medical-grade skincare products can truly work miracles on our skin, sometimes between the expensive prices and the countless beauty products on the market, we can feel overwhelmed and confused as to which ones work best for us. Left without where to start to keep and maintain healthy skin we feel lost. But did you know that there are other ways to maintain healthy skin without the use of any products at all? Let us name just a few. 

  1. Limit Sun Exposure – OK, hear us out, we all love a good pool day, the warm rays beaming on our skin but did you know that 90 percent of aging skin is caused by the sun? And as hard as it may seem to limit sun exposure, there are simple ways you can avoid the sun. Wear a hat during those really hot days. Let us add just a side note, don’t forget to protect your eyes, the more you squint the more it can cause fine lines and wrinkles.
  2. Get Enough Rest – 24 hours in the day might not seem like enough time to not only get your eight hours of sleep, exercise, maintain a good work life balance but trust us there is nothing worse than waking up with bags under your eyes and feeling your skin dehydrated. Beauty sleep is a real thing! So as hard as it may seem but getting enough rest will make you feel productive and your skin will thank you. 
  3. Hydrate – Water is going to be your best friend, when you’re dehydrated you might feel sluggish and trust us, your skin feels the impact as well. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will help keep your skin feeling smoother and brighter.   
  4. Wash Your Makeup Brushes – Applying makeup with used brushes time and time again can accumulate bacteria and oil which can clog your pores and create breakout. And no one loves acne, find time to clean your brushes weekly and avoid any unwanted blemishes. 
  5. Learn To Manage Stress – Stress is inevitable we understand but when we are stressed it takes a toll on our body and skin causing acne, bags under our eyes, dry skin and even wrinkles. Taking a mental health day for yourself is not only a good idea but necessary when we feel stressed. Use that day wisely and try meditating, reading a new book, exercising or simply spending some time with loved ones and nature. 

Trust us, self-care is a real thing, try to make these tips into a daily habit, and see if they will bring great results to your skin and overall health. And when in doubt, if you absolutely need a little help stop by Skyn Lab. We would love to meet you and chat about all your skincare needs.