How To: Layer Your SkynCare

November 10, 2022

Take a look inside the cabinet in your bathroom, I imagine you see lots of great products, the only trouble you’re having is learning which one to apply first, second and last. If you’re new to skincare but already have those beginner products don’t be scared, we got you! Let us guide you in the correct order, because let’s be honest you don’t want those products to go to waste. 

I’m sure we’re all used to routines already; wake up, wash your face, brush your teeth, the best part of our morning we might add; having our morning coffee. So delish and comforting! It makes you feel productive and happy because you know you’re about to have an amazing start to your day. Now, if you’re wondering what in the world you actually need to start off with, check out our SkynCare: A Beginners Guide to help you get started with those products. Before we start, let’s always remember this rule of thumb: Apply your skincare from thinnest to thickest consistency in regards to your product. If you follow this general rule we guarantee you will not fail and you will be able to use your products more effectively. Now, shall we begin? ☺️

Step 1: Cleansing – Morning and Night 

 First thing is first we want to start with a bare and clean canvas, as any artist would of course! So whether it is your morning or night routine, you always want to start with washing your face with a gentle cleanser. This will help by removing all your makeup, dirt and debris so when you start applying your other products your skin will be able to absorb them properly. 

Step 2: Exfoliate – Morning or Night 

Let’s add this step but a gentle reminder to exfoliate only once or twice a week after cleansing, this will help by removing dead skin cells and it will have your skin feeling oh so smooth.   

Pro Tip: If you’re more advanced in your skincare routine avoid using retinol on the days you exfoliate.  

Step 3: Toner – Morning and/or Night 

Whether you have dry or oily skin, toners are best used to refresh your skin, it should not cause excessive dryness or irritate your skin so if it does, let me be your friend here and throw it out girl. A toner should in fact help to prep your skin for any serums you may want to apply next. It will help get rid of any excess oils, dirt and makeup that were left over after you cleanse. 

Step 4: Serums – Morning and/or Night 

Remember, if we were layering our skincare products from thinnest to thickest consistency this is where our most precious serums would fit right in. Although serums are completely optional, they’re also the best way to work up your skincare routine to a more advanced routine. You know, for a little more razzle dazzle. In essence, serums are used to treat specific concerns like aging, redness and blemishes. 

Pro Tip: During your morning routine, try adding Vitamin C, this is great for all skin types, it essentially helps to protect your skin from all the nastiness from the outdoors. 

Step 5: Eye Creams – Morning and/or Night 

Take a quick pinch on the skin underneath your eyes, feel how thin it is? Although eye creams are not necessary for everyone they are good to incorporate. Eyecare products can help treat the puffiness, dark circles and fine lines under the eyes. 

Step 6: Moisturize – Morning and Night 

Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize. Just wanted to make sure you caught that. This is a crucial step in your skincare routine. It needs to be done BOTH morning and night, twice a day. TWICE A DAY.  OK, just wanted to make sure you caught that. But seriously, this will keep your skin barrier looking and feeling healthy and hydrated. And it will also help keep the other products you just applied trapped into your skin in order for them to be more effective. 

Step 7: Sunscreen  – Morning    

Hooray! You’re just about finished but one final step. Now please, please please do not skip this step. You do want to look youthful right? OK, great! We were on the same page. This is the most important step in protecting your skin from those harsh UV rays and preventing signs of aging. Try any sunscreen with SPF of 30 or above, think of sunscreen this way – it’s like a shield to protect your skin so even if you skip any of the above steps show this one a little bit more TLC and just do it. Asking in the kindest way, your skin will thank you.

Step 8: Jump for Joy – NOW

It’s time to jump for joy because you just finished and conquered I might add, the steps in layering your skincare. Now if you’re still in doubt, come check us out and have one of our providers guide you just a little more. Don’t forget our consultations are complimentary. Now go out and feel proud of yourself.