How To: Prep For Summer Texas Edition

April 30, 2024

How To: Prep For Summer Texas Edition .


In the wise words of every Texan out there: YA’LL, summer is around the corner and we need to prep our skin. Now, if you’re a true Texan you can definitely understand how excruciatingly hot the summers can get. And we definitely do not want any sun damage on our radiate skin that we worked so hard to maintain. So let’s break down the ways we need to prep our skin to beat the Texas three digit temperature heat. 


Step 1: Stay Hydrated

Sure, who doesn’t love a good mimosa, brunch patio moment but you guys remember our cardinal rule: a healthy radiant skin begins from within. Wake up every morning and have your glass of water. Keep a good insulated one inside your vehicle or simply bring it around. Staying hydrated is going to be extremely important this summer.


Step 2: SPF

Now, as hard as it may seem, the best thing to do to avoid any sun damage would be to probably avoid being outdoors during the peak hours when the sun is at its highest. However, it’s summer and we want to be outdoors enjoying the pool. So for this, lather up in your favorite mineral sunscreen. Our pro tip would be to get your hands on any sunscreen that has SPF 50 or higher and contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as it is safe for all skin types and they’re good at not causing breakouts. And don’t forget to reapply every couple of hours. 


Step 3: Cleanse 

This step is going to be extremely helpful. Twice a day is ideal, morning to get rid of all the build up from your nights sleep and once in the evening to get rid of dirt and debris from your day. Especially after all the sweat from your day, your skin will feel so refreshed after a good cleanse. 


Now, there are other steps to incorporate during the summer to make sure your skin is radiant. Remember to exfoliate weekly and wear loose clothing to protect your skin. When in doubt about anything skin related visit us at Skyn Lab. We would love to help!