3 Reasons Why You Need To Invest in Medical-Grade Skincare

May 28, 2023

Don’t be frightened when you hear the words ‘Medical-Grade’ Skincare. It sounds fancy, of course, maybe expensive, sure but once you hear us out you’re going to want to move all your current products aside and see what the fuss is all about. Now, we’re definitely not saying that over the counter products won’t do their job, never. But we are saying that when you choose to try medical grade you will definitely see why it’s worth the investment. 

Let’s explain the top three reasons why we think you should make the switch, shall we?


1. Higher Concentration of Active Ingredients

This essentially means that these products will have more of the ingredients that your skin will need to improve. In order to see true results, your skin needs true active ingredients. You definitely won’t see this in over the counter products as they are not being properly administered by trained professionals. You can buy medical-grade products typically in medical spas or dermatology offices. Which means medical professionals are able to correctly let patients know how much and how often to use them. 

2. They Get Deeper In The Skin 

Most over the counter products will only treat what’s on the surface of the skin so you will probably only notice the difference for the first and second month, then you’ll slowly start to wonder, why is it not working for me anymore? Well, in order for you to correct the underlying issue and see real physical results your products need to penetrate deeper into your skin and not just the surface. You will be able to achieve this with more active ingredients that medical-grade products have.   

3. High Research Standards

Did you know that medical-grade skincare companies invest a lot of time into the science behind their products? Not to mention years of conducting research to back up their claims about what their products can achieve. So in other words, they’re not here to play around. They want you to get the best results possible. Not to mention the FDA actually needs to verify their clinical research so you’re in good hands knowing that those products you purchased are going to do what they said they would.

Now, if you’re already using something that is not medical-grade but it’s working for you, keep using it, in fact, we encourage it. We’re definitely not here to stop you from using what you love, but when in doubt come visit us for any recommendations or professional advice. 


Written By: Mirella Mendoza