3 Signs Your Skincare Needs to Evolve

March 29, 2024

You may notice that as time goes by your skincare may not work as well as it did in the beginning and that’s okay. Just like anything else after a while your body will get accustomed so you may not see the same results. But when it comes to your skincare how exactly can you tell when it’s time for it to evolve? When in doubt, look at these three tips to help you decide.

1. You Have Been Using Same Products Forever

There comes a time when you crave an adventure or want to try something new, similarly your skin desires the same. Your skin is constantly changing and your skincare products are meant to change with it. You can’t expect to continue to use the same products for months and months on end and continue to see the same amazing results. Try switching it up every few months to continue to see those same amazing results.

2. No Longer Seeing Results

If you notice that your skin isn’t responding to the products the way it used to when you first started then maybe this is another sign that it needs to evolve. Typically, it can take up to six weeks for benefits to be seen and over time your skin can adjust. A product that you absolutely love may not work as best as it did when you started so now is the perfect time to switch things up. Set that beloved product down for a few months before picking it back up again.

3. When Your Skin Starts Maturing

It’s never too early to prevent signs of aging, you don’t have to wait until you see the fine lines and wrinkles to take action now. If you feel like your skin isn’t bouncing back as fast as it used to, maybe it’s time to start adding anti-aging products to your routine. Remember, we change and evolve so naturally our skin will too and it is up to us to feed our skin with the right products for that specific time in our lives. 

Not sure what products need to be placed on hold for a while or what needs to be added to your routine? Come visit us! We would be eager to help you find the perfect skincare routine.  

Written By: Mirella Mendoza