The Importance of Sunscreen

November 10, 2022

Let’s take a minute to talk about sunscreen and the importance of it. Now, anyone can tell you this is the final step in your skincare routine. But even if you don’t have a skin care routine at this very moment, incorporating sunscreen in your daily life is probably the most important and easiest way to protect your skin from those harmful UV rays. Especially if you live in Texas you know how hot the summer days can get. And while we need sunscreen especially on those days we definitely need it all year round as well. 

Yes, we mean summer and winter, including those cloudy days when we are actually still susceptible to the sun’s rays. Let’s take a moment to break down the importance of sunscreen and how it can help us in the long run. Ready?

  1. Prevents Premature Aging; We all want to feel young and radiant all the time and this is probably one of the biggest reasons why we need to start wearing sunscreen if we don’t already. Repeated sun exposure can cause havoc on your skin, causing damage to our skin cells. Think of sunscreen like a shield, it can help prevent those unwanted fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration and sun spots. Apply it daily to help keep your skin radiant all year round.
  2. Lowers the Risk of Skin Cancer; Did you know that skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in the United States? Nearly 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70 according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. Try using sunscreen that has protection of SPF 30 or above, especially if you’re going to be in the sun for long periods of time. Read more.
  3. Reduces Discoloration/Sunburn: Sunburns can be painful, they peel, have redness and sometimes extreme burns can cause blisters. Skin discoloration can also be caused by repeated sun exposure, often called ‘sun-spots’ they can develop on the face, arms and hands in both men and women.

Let’s do our skin a favor and treat it with care. Visit us online to shop our favorite products and help protect your skin. Or stop by Skyn Lab and let one of our providers guide you in the right direction to beautiful and protected skin. Visit our store