Ways To Protect Your Skyn While Traveling

June 10, 2022

Imagine this, you booked a flight to your favorite destination, you’re excited to have your favorite cocktail served because you know that in the next couple of days you’re about to embark on new adventures, take glamorous sunset selfies and not be worried about those pesky work emails. But let’s be honest, the journey there can take a toll on your skin, with adjusting to the new weather and the stress from trying to get your bags from baggage claim it can sometimes be a disaster. Before you can even imagine yourself having the best time let’s take quality time to freshen up and make sure your skin is protected. Here are some of our top picks on how to protect your skin while on the road. 

Skyn Lab’s Recommended Travel Guidelines


  1. Keep Your Daily Routine – You just landed and you now feel the weight of all the stress being lifted off your shoulders but although you’re there to relax it’s no time to play when it comes to your  skin care game. We recommend trying to keep your daily routine as best as you can, bring all your must-haves in travel sizes. Let’s be real, traveling can be stressful, the last thing you want is to have your skin adjust to any new products and have the fear of unwanted breakouts. 
  2. Sunscreen – If you’re not used to it already, we recommend trying to make this into a habit now before you hit the road. This is the most important step in anyone’s routine. Do your skin a favor and protect it at all times, try anything with an SPF 30 or above. Slap on sunscreen every morning before breakfast to avoid those UV rays during the day and go enjoy those cocktails and be adventurous.   
  3. Eat Clean – Don’t get us wrong, vacations are meant to indulge in your favorite foods and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, try incorporating fruits and veggies to help maintain your skin healthy to prevent any unwanted breakouts.  
  4. Stay Hydrated – This is super important just in general but even more important when you’re in a new environment. Two ways to keep your skin feeling great is to drink plenty of water throughout the day and use a moisturizer. Let this be your PSA. Having a good moisturizer helps keep your skin hydrated and trust us you will feel amazing after you have applied it. 
  5. Skip the Makeup – It’s vacation! Time to party but try to let your skin breathe and enjoy the warm breeze. Continuously putting on makeup can clog your pores, now if you absolutely need to pack on some makeup for dinner, opt for the natural look. A little mascara, lipstick and viola! Beautiful ????  

Now you’re all set to enjoy your day and lay on the beach. But if you’re in doubt when it comes to any of your skincare products, stop by Skyn Lab before your trip and let one of our providers help you in choosing the right products for your skin type. We would love to see you!